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    Hello James,

    also being new to these kind of meditation exercises, I have been and still am facing the same ‚problems‘ that you describe in your post.

    To fade out the internal dialogue? Well, it sounds funny, but why don‘t you start by using the QO just for this to begin with.

    For me, it helped lying down. The first time, I even fell asleep, but hey? If that‘s what my body and soul needed? So be it!

    So, lie down, and switch the QO on. Let the sound pull you in. Don’t THINK about what you want to achieve or about any internal dialogue you would like to stop…

    Think about the new world or sphere of sound that embraces you. Listen to the different nuances and rhythms that surround you.

    For me, it helped switching off the internal dialogue!

    Then you can proceed with the exercises.

    Pls let me know, if this was of any help….

    Best regards, Daniel

    Oh about the time schedule… I think, it does not matter.

    If you feel like diving in, then do it. Don’t give yourself in to another enforced outside structure of regulations.

    My sessions always last about 30 minutes, but not because I plan it that way. It just turned out to be my time frame 🙂


    Happy diving!


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