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    Pulsar is tricking me with midi!!!
    In the beginning all midi connection worked perfect:

    ch.1 – BD, ch.2-BASS, ch.3-SN, ch.4-HH

    But recently Pulsar stoped responding to previous (above) midi setup and triggers All modules from midi ch.1 simultaneously.

    By some manipulations with LRN buttons I tried to separate some of the models and tried to assign them to their corresponding number (channel) but still no result. If BASS and HH modules responded to midi info from ch.2 and ch.4, BD started to copy the midi info of ch.4 and SN module triggered against, not in time with midi info ch.3

    How to bring it back to midi sanity and what went wrong?

    I use Octatrack MKii and Ableton 10 and AudioFuse rev2


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