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    It is about the X2 receptacle…

    In the manual, it says: „doubles the capacitance of the storage capacitor“.

    Now, does that mean that if I pass on a voltage from cell 1 to cell 4, but do not trigger it at the same time, the capacitor stores the value until the cell is triggered?

    Yes the capacitor is a kind of simple analog memory. It stores the last voltage that was on the main capacitor just before the voltage on X2 got zero.

    Or do I need to pass on any X2 value AND at the same time also trigger the cell?

    You can consider these processes as independent

    I tried to find out by experimenting but did not really come to a definitive conclusion.

    Just think about the capacitor as an additional volume that connects to the main when you will put a voltage on X2.
    And it doesn’t depend on is the cell is triggered or not
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