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    Hello Angelpuccinelli,

    I don’t have tinnitus, so I can not speak from first hand personal experience.


    I have a fellow musician friend of mine that has bad tinnitus.  It has been such a terrible life sentence for him and it recently was getting worse.

    I have asked him to try my Quantum Ocean and after few dives and sessions weekly it seems to have helped him.

    I think what has really benefited him is that he went to a doctor/audiologist and he has been fitted for a custom hearing aid.  He has used the new hearing aids along with over the ear, studio grade stereo headphones and my Quantum Ocean. So far the results have been positive and he has been seeing slow but steady progress and a reduction of his symptoms.

    I’m not sure if the QO has been a factor but he seems to think it has, so I’m happy it has seemed to help him.

    I think the helping factor is the hearing aid in addition to the QO.

    Maybe you can look into the possibility of getting a check up and hearing aid.  I think any hearing aid these days should be and has to be customized to your individual ears and your body for it to work and truly be effective.

    I wish you luck and best wishes.

    Keep us posted on your progress please.

    I hope it all gets better for you soon!

    Best wishes!


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