Any recommendations for a carry case for the QO?

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      I’d like to take the Quantum Ocean with me while traveling or to work to use when I need to visit the water… Any recommendations for a nice bag/case the QO will fit in that won’t be too bulky and is backpack/bag friendly? I’ve been searching through portable hard drive cases and a few other cases, but everything is either way too small or way too big. Was wondering if anyone had any ideas.


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        I too have been looking into a case.

        I really have been enjoying my practice and in using QO.

        I think a case that is protective and hard shelled but not too heavy would be ideal for me.

        For now I have been wrapping up the QO in a soft clean cloth and placing it in a small wooden box then into a backpack.  I think as long as we are careful and the box it is placed in doesn’t have the QO moving and shifting inside it is acceptable.

        I’am however open to any suggestions as well.

        I think we are all as Vlad says treating this device as a special thing and we are all careful not to just throw it around.  It is a living icon as he says so I’am careful when I move around and travel with it. I’m probably a bit too careful about it, but I would never wish it to be smashed or accidently damaged in any way.

        Also if I fly on a plane or travel in a car or train, I never feel comfortable putting it in checked luggage or in a bag in the trunk. I always keep it with me on my person close by.

        It has become a very personal unique device for me and I’m grateful for this!

        Best wishes to you!


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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