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    J. Baphomet

      Hello, I was hoping that Vlad (or anyone else) would share their recommendations for type of bow and where to find instructions on how to hold the bow as Vlad does in the demo video. Take care.

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        I would recommend going to your closest band/orchestral instrument shop and telling them you’d like a cheap violin bow (to practice with). Make sure you get some resin for the bow also. Start with a cheap one (~$20) and see how you like it/experiment.

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          Hello J.Baphomet,I Use A Wooden Cello Bow,And I Love It.I Highly Recommend “POP’S BASS ROSIN “,It Is Very Sticky.Keep In Mind That A New ,UnRosined Bow,Needs To Be Carefully,And Fully Rosined,Otherwise Squeaky Tones Will Prevail..Hope This Helps

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            I can not give general advise but I can share what I tried so far. First I used a wooden bass bow. It worked but I had to be really cautious because of noisy sounds – it is just too bulky and heavy. As the DVINA has no carved resonance body I figured a carbon bow should not deprive her of any acoustic timbre. I talked to some violinists and they recommended a cheap carbon bow. So I got a carbon bow for violin – Höfner AS36V – for around 150€. I am happy with the results so far.

            I practice to hold it like a cello player would do but sometimes I think I should rather use the hold of a kemenche player. For the latter a violin bow seems too thin to get your fingers in the spacing between hair and bow. For the cello position of my hand it seems exhausting as I do not rest the weight of the bow on my DVINA. So I am still practicing and experimenting. But I like the sound (and price) of the carbon bow.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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