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    Andrew Chi

      Hi everybody,

      Great to see this forum!

      Also a new QO-diver here.

      I started out with exercises 1 and 2. And still pondering those, before moving further.

      What I did already do is to combine QO with my current practice:

      – I start the day with 5 rounds of ‘Wim Hof Method’ breathings.

      For people who don’t know this:

      Lie down, make sure you wont be disturbed.

      You take 30 fast paced deep inhalations (through the mouth) and after last exhale hold it as long as possible without breathing in (so with your lungs empty). Then take a breath in and keep the oxygen in your lungs as long as possible. Exhale and repeat!!

      From the third round I start to experience shifts in consciousness. Especially when finally breathing in after the pause.

      Normally you would time your intervals with a stopwatch (because they gradually increase with each excercise) but what I do is recite a mantra (in my head) during both the moment without breath and the inhalation following.

      After 5 rounds of breathing exercise I usually stop and do some more (mantra) meditation with relaxed, unforced breathing.

      So since three days I’m doing this while listening to the Quantum Ocean (not touching the pads).

      So far, this is my observation:

      1. Listening to the noise, I have a significant difference between my left and right ear. When switching sides with my headphones I can conclude that in my right ear, I’m missing a big part of the high frequency content. I will have to consult a doctor to check my ears before drawing more conclusions I guess.

      2. When breathing in rapidly (the 30 inhalations), I don’t notice anything special, except from the more easily (?) ‘observable’ parts in the noise (torrents of lows and highs, some strange geiger counter-like crackles etc…)

      3. While laying down without breath, the sound becomes darker and darker. Really like a very steep low pass filter rolling off the high band. Is this because of a lack of oxygen?

      4. When taking a large breath after that, keeping the lungs full, the sound gets even a bit darker, while my ‘mind(?)’ shifts into a pleasurable rush. After let’s say 30 seconds, the sound starts shifting again, first the highs come in, in stereo fashion and even reach my right ear with more high frequency content, so the whole sounds a bit like notch filtered (with a big gap in mid frequencies) and then quite rapidly going back to the first state (full spectrum with parts and electronic like crackles). This coïncides with my need to start breathing again. So I think this could be oxygen related!! I experienced this filter effect every time now (3 days in a row)

      5. When meditating further, after this breathing exercise (and not losing my mantra in my head) I had following experiences:

      – as mentioned: crackling noises, as if the device is picking up static or Wifi or something. It’s going to be difficult to filter this to visualize on a spectrum analyser, so really don’t know wether this is in my head or actual electric activity in/around/from the device

      – I also heard an angelic choir singing high notes and falling down in pitch over a 10 second or so timespan. High pitched, it sounded like a female choir and when the ‘music’ was going lower it started to sound more like stringed instruments (violas and cellos). Could only hold on this for 2 minutes or so, but it was definitely there and sounded quite clear on top of the noise.

      I must say I am a long time user of mind machines (light and sound devices). I have been using them almost every day for the last 20 years. I had heard the angelic choir too while using a deep delta program on such a machine (called the Proteus), but it’s been 15 years already and I recall hearing it only once. I am really stunned to get to that point again with the QO in just 3 days. I’m going to keep experimenting and reporting here in this thread. But I feel the QO is a real keeper! Thanks a lot Vlad, also really enjoy reading your new e-book.  A big thanks for that too!

      Looking forward to reading other user’s accounts with this special tool!

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        Interesting- thanks for the report.

        Are you still satisfied with the unit? Any new developments / choirs?



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        Patrick Bartmess


          These are fascinating observations. I hadn’t heard of the Wim Hoff method but since reading your report I have been learning about it. I may try to include that in my meditations. I have been using my QO for about three months and I’ve noticed a similar sound when lying down. Exactly like a low pass filter. I’ve also noticed the crackling noises, but only after I have been listening deeply for ten minutes. Perhaps I’ll hear more when I try the breathing exercises. Thank you for sharing your experiences!

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