Connecting Lyra 8 to Pulsar 23

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      I had assumed that I can directly connect the Lyra 8 to the Pulsar via the Ornament adaptor (without using Ornament). The pulsar has a ground connector and I had assumed that I can connect the Pulsar GND to the  GND on the Lyra adaptor and then use a pulse from the Pulsar to trigger individual pads. But the Lyra only drones away… what did I do wrong?

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        The Ornament adapter only works with Ornament 8, and there is no way to trigger Lyra from Pulsar. Only Ornament 8 can trigger Lyra because it outputs a special very low voltage signal. Here’s the technical reasons why:

        Lyra’s sensors can be switched on by shorting to the ground, but Pulsar produces CV which is an entirely different thing. So you would need to create a CV-to-ground switch convertor to be able to drive Lyra by any CV.

        For Lyra 8 CV inputs and Hold Gate, you have full range of 0 – 10V. But you can use 0…12V signals. It is safe for Lyra.

        Lyra sensors:
        – TOP – sensor sensitive to voltage changes
        – BOTTOM – connected inside LYRA-8 to GND
        To activate a voice you need to connect a TOP sensor with GND, or apply a low level signal (0V) which is what Ornament 8 does through the adapter connected to Lyra.

        You can use any external device that can output an active signal that is low level (0V) like Ornament 8.

        Please remember to connect all your devices’ GND together.

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          Thanks for the info

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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