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      <div>I am interested in purchasing a second Soma Cosmos so that I can experiment with the Quadrophonic firmware – it excites me a lot and I don’t know of many people in the Soma community who have explored this yet.</div>
      <div>I was wondering if anyone could tell me which algorithms would be impacted by a quadrophonic setup. I can see how the two delay algorithms could work – with different delay times coming out of each of the four outputs, but was wondering if the granular delay algorithm would also provide results in a quad set up  (and maybe even the reverb algorithms although I can’t quite see how this would work in quadrophonic) I guess I’m basically asking if anyone knows any more detail about how the quad setup works and whether it’s as simple as the delay on the Cosmos with the quad firmware is setup to repeat a couple of seconds after the main Cosmos.</div>
      <div>Many thanks,</div>

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        You need to use a splitter cable so both Cosmoses receive the same signal at the same time.

        Download to the first unit the main FW version COSMOS_M1.4.smf and download to the second unit the version COSMOS_Q1.4.smf
        The difference with the main version is that here we have other settings for buffer lengths that with the same settings on both units produce in combination with the main version quadro-sound.
        Feed both COSMOSes with one input signal using a splitter.
        Outputs of the first COSMOS connect to the front stereo system.
        Outputs of the second COSMOS connect to the rear stereo system.
        Start your experiments with similar settings on both devices.
        Then you can try different combinations of different settings.

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          sorry….but it’s not clear to me…can I have a diagram for the connection between 2 cosmos…thanks

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            Hi Spectra,

            There is no connection between the Cosmoses:)

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