Custom Firmware or Firmware upgrade or waiting for RoAT MK2 ?

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      Like with other Soma products, RoAT is a great companion to “techno” crowd. However, for the ambient crowd RoAT would need some firmware love. Kakos Nonos great job, I’d say this is more versatile than Softpop that I used a lot see my vids on YT)

      I wonder if there is a capability to “open the hoods” and open the firmware to updates (aka Softpop and some other products from Bastl) I see the “connector” between those two PCBs and would buy a kit from Soma to connect it to PC/MAC to tweak the firmware.
      Heck I would buy a kit that enhances some of the functions (take example of Cosmos, different firmware turns the product to a brand new device = AWESOME I own one)

      Here are suggestions:

      After spending 100+ hours with RoAT I came to a few tweaks that would make this product more romantic and musical.

      1. Add “Global Settings” utilizing

      ERASE(Button)+(1,2,3,4) buttons or
      Record Button +(1,2,3,4) buttons,

      Indication of “Global Settings” would be that LED 1,2,4 are blinking. Also the track LEDs would give you feedback with setting (blink old/solid set)

      Global settings:

      1. Record + Voice1 Button turns RoAT to setting mode#1; Tweaks to Chaos functions: Bypass register pages from both Chaos functions.

      Touching Pad1 exclude page 0 from chaos (really annoying when I go to LFO page to tweak and the frequency of my oscillators changes)
      Touching Pad2 exlcude page 4 from chaos (at least first 8 positions)
      Touching Pad3 include page 6 in chaos (Assuming you could do something with the level)

      2. Record+Voice2  Button: turns RoAT to Node Volume adjustment setting mode#2. Cycle between 3 or 4 values  of volume for summing points when pad touched. 30%/60%/100%  : If you imply this only to “HARSH” aglorithms that would be plenty!

      Pad1 touched once: summing point#1 volume goes down by 33% . Touch pad1 one more time volume goes down another %30 to %30. Touch 3rd time volume goes back to 100%.
      Pad2 touched twice: summing point #3 volume goes down to 30%.

      3. Record+Voice3: Save preset function: Save all registers to 4 slots, So when I turn RoAT on I don’t need to start from scratch (Yes I know this might not go with SOMA guidelines, but for example Cosmos that I own has only 6 dials so it’s easier to resume diaper-changing-break.

      double touch+pad1 recall preset #1
      Long touch+pad3 save preset #3

      4. Record+Voice4: Change mode for LFO position 6,7
      To semi Scaler mode(s)
      touch+pad1 Chromatic
      touch+pad2 Ionian
      touch+pad3 Pentatonic
      touch+pad4 PerfectFifth

      Other mostly cosmetic changes in order of importance:

      1. Reorder the Summing Point Algorithms by harshness:
      0,3,6,7,1,4,5,2 namely: add1, Sub2, FM, WFM, Add2, Ring,ExOR,Sub1

      2. LFO changes:
      A) Add two extra ranges the LFO 1/2 and x16. Right now the LFO goes x1,x2,x4,x8
      B) Waveform 6,7 for frequency “could” “SCALE” see global settings #4

      3. Feedback for LFO and Algorithm using the led 1,2,4 (Blinking) so I KNOW exactly which waveform/algorithm I chose.

      4. Page7/knob2 could use more sounds as clicks , semi-kick, semi-noise, semi-snare as you turn the knob (there are only 3 valid values now

      5. Better control for the Page0 register:
      Record +Knob(1,2,3,4) change tuning in semi tones
      Erase +Know(1,2,3,4) Fine tune oscillator (if there are only 8 bit this would be challenging to do)

      6. Remember last settings when you turn unit on: Setting 4×7 knobs to continue where you left of is too much.

      I assume this long list calls for MK2 , If that is your direction that I would add 4 more voices like Lyra and add effects split the oscillator to stereo.. Definitely worth of double price.

      all the best

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