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      Hello Vlad and all! We are thoroughly enjoying the Lyra 8 and the journeys it takes us on every time. We have a question, which we hope is not an issue with the instrument: we have tried connecting via the “ext in”, several sound sources (drum machine, another synth, and even a microphone) and nothing happens. There is simply no sound coming through the Lyra except its own sounds. We understand that it should be possible to process these external signals through the Lyra, but there just doesn’t seem to be any sort of sound coming through that input to even process. All of the other gear is in perfect working order and is producing sound. I just don’t understand. Am I missing something? It seems pretty straightforward. Could there be something wrong with the Lyra or the “ext in”? I have checked all the cables I’m using and they are fine.
      Help please?

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        Eureka! Found our own answer!

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        Kevin Olson

          Would you share your answer?  Thanks.

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            Hi Jon, I agree please do share your findings 🙏 thanks so much!


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              I have tried my iPad‘s Garageband drumset as an external source.

              There was actually no problem in processing the signal.

              It goes directly to the delay/distortion unit of LYRA.

              You just have to make sure to feed it into LYRA with an adequate volume level (in case of the iPad, more than 90%, so LYRA‘s voices would not drown it).

              I sometimes run into the problem though, that LYRA‘s delay unit seems to become „stuck“ as in: no delay discernible anymore. Then I have to turn the FEEDBACK knob all the way clockwise until it kicks in again and starts to self-oscillate. Now turn it back to desired level.

              Don‘t know why it sometimes gets „hung up“…

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                Addendum: Maybe @Jon used the wrong cable?

                Unlike with LYRA‘s CV-inputs, I use EXT IN with a TRS-stereo cable (2×3.5mm plus adapter).

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                  Hi Winglad et All!
                  <div>Thank you for the insights. Falling in love with the Lyra-8 and want one.</div>
                  <div>EXT IN</div>
                  <div>I can tell from the SOMA manual a 6.3 mm ts jack should go into the EXT IN connector on Lyra-8.</div>
                  <div>DRUM MACHINE</div>
                  <div>I want to connect a drum machine to Lyra-8 to tweak the sounds (Native Instruments Machine + )</div>
                  <div>CONNECTING HOW – WHAT CABLE?</div>
                  <div>Machine + options are as follows:</div>
                  <div>LINE OUT R+L</div>
                  <div>MIC IN</div>
                  <div>LINE IN R+L</div>
                  <div>MIDI OUT</div>
                  <div>MIDI IN</div>
                  <div><span>I want to order a cable from Thomann: </span></div>
                  <div><span> </span></div>
                  <div><span>It would be very helpful if you or someone else would provide me with a link of the exaxt cable you recommend from Thomann.</span></div>
                  <div><span> </span></div>
                  <div><span> </span></div>
                  <div><span> </span></div>
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                  <div class=”layoutArea”>
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