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      •  Is it possible to implement loading tuning presets using an external MIDI keyboard?

      I really love the Terra but am struggling with performing when frequent changes in scale are needed. Occasionally, when trying to load a new tuning preset on the fly, I accidentally hit the key combos in the wrong order and load a full different preset/instrument which can be bad.

      Since it’s possible to tune the sensors with external MIDI (tuning fork + key + MIDI note in), I thought it would be amazing if single MIDI notes or CC in (without pressing any keys on Terra) switched the tuning preset. This would make it a breeze to perform with many tuning changes.

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        This is a great idea.
        I also think the 12 notes limitation is great in a way but depending on the kind of music you want to perform it can be a counter intuitive limitation too. Loading scales from other presets looks too complicated while performing (I don’t own a Terra yet and this is one of the limitation that makes me hesitant at the moment). It would be amazing to be able to switch between different scales in a playful way!

        An easy muscle memory solution for switching scales on the fly would really improve the instrument. In my humble opinion.

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          Also, programming chords, not just notes, would be fantastiiiiic.

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            Just to clarify (as I don’t want to discourage anyone from getting a Terra): it is fairly easy to switch scales/chords by loading just the tuning preset from another memory slot into the current instrument.

            One way to think about it is, even though you have 96 memory slots and each one has its own instrument/key tuning settings, you can think of them as semi-independent.

            And it’s fairly quick to load:

            • load preset by pressing L then A-D or 1-12 (a two button press if you’re within the right bank)
            • load tuning from another slot by pressing L then tuning fork then A-D/1-12 (three buttons, this loads whole scale/chord)

            My original comment is that changing whole tunings often needs to happen quicker and more often (eg  every song part change or every few bars even)  vs. changing instruments (maybe a couple times in a composition if any). Hence my somewhat “greedy” request to make loading tunings EVEN faster and less prone to accidentally switching instruments (as both use similar key combo). On the other hand, with ambient or slower music this is mostly a non-issue, current method is definitely fast enough (takes me about half a second and I haven’t practiced THAT much yet!)

            I hope this helps. Terra is still amazing and I haven’t put it down since I got it.



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              I’m happy it is possible to switch scale, as you said in the context of ambient music it probably works, but for faster plucky-like playing it seems a bit cumbersome as of now. But it’s cool that it’s possible. It would be like if a cello player would have to tune 2 or 3 strings every time he needs to go from a mode to another. Playing anything else than ambient or drone would be tricky, and I have the feeling Terra has huge potential for baroque/classical or even pop music.

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                Thank you for the suggestions, they’ve been duly noted. Whether future implementation is possible I can’t say, but our programmers are made aware of all constructive feedback such as this, so thank you for taking the time!

                -The Soma team

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                  Well, Soma implemented this in a better way that I had thought. OmniChord mode!!

                  Thank you Soma for being a good listener!

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                    Thanks Soma for adding the OmniChord mode!! this idea is great!

                    But I find it a bit weird that it pitches the notes already ringing out when receiving new midi notes, in a performance this sounds very “unnatural” to me. The Terra is like a real tactile acoustic instrument to me and this braks the illusion a bit…

                    I would prefer if the notes ringing out are unaffected by the new tuning, like when you manually load a new tuning preset. If this can be updated or added as an option in a future OS update I would be delighted, as the OmniChord mode is super useful when performing pieces with many chords and key changes.

                    I love the Terra, thanks Soma!

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                      Hi Oscar,

                      Thank you for your post, you make a very good point. So we update the firmware accordingly, you can find 1.41 here:

                      FIRMWARE / TERRA

                      In the “OmniChord” mode, the incoming MIDI notes don’t affect active voices until you will retrigger them.
                      Exception is all solos with Arpegiator and all basses with Rhythmic LFO.
                      Here you can put the TERRA keyboard in hold mode and change the pitch while the sequences are running.


                      Thank you for your input, it’s very much appreciated!

                      -The Soma team

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