First run with Pulsar 23 – Issues?

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      I just started up my new Pulsar 23 and Ornament 8.  So far, things are going great, but the FX section seems to be acting oddly.  I can’t for the life of me figure out why the delay taps are SO quiet.  I can barely hear the delay; it’s so quiet it’s almost not even there.  It also seems like the delay and reverb don’t work at the same time either.  I turn the levels up as high as they’ll go, and nothing.

      I have to be missing something here.  Any help?  Thanks in advance.

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        The FX section is EITHER/OR when using the built in fx send (use the toggle switch at the top of fx section to switch between the two). You can however route it however you like using alligator clips connected to channel OUT>DLY/REV in which would allow you to use both the delay and reverb at the same time.

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          Thanks for that. I read the manual a few different times, and I’m not sure why I was thinking I could run one into the other and use the reverb and delay at the same time (maybe it was all that Channel 1 and Channel 2 talk).

          Been messing with it most of the day, and I’m guessing some of my “issues” are really just me trying to wrap my head around the way you need to patch it up.  I’m getting the hang of it though.  Thanks again.

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            You can use them both at the same tired if desired, but some patching will be required. No worries!

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              *at the same time

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              Dieter Herten


                please can you explain it in more detail how to use delay and reverb at the same time. Where ist the named channel OUT>DLY/REV pin for connection?

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                  You can run the delay and reverb into each other using their corresponding pins (REV> to >DLY, or DLY> to >REV) OR you can run each channel of the pulsar out to whichever FX you want by using the OUT> pins in each channel. Hope this helps.

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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