hardwire voice outs to single jack outs internally?

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Home Forums Instruments PULSAR-23 hardwire voice outs to single jack outs internally?

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      hi, this instrument is just fantastic!!  – quick question. I am considering installing an internal connection between the voice outs and the jack outs, simply because thats what I use them for and it would declutter the workspace having ch 1- 4 del / rev out hardwired internally.

      how would I go about it ideally?

      is there anyhing that would speak aginst that?

      thanks !fabian

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        Yes, it is possible.
        The simplest way is to remove the voice PCBs and connect the corresponding pins with wires.
        I recommend using shielded wires with a grounded shield to avoid crosstalk that the wires may cause.
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          thank you! I have a follow-up question

          -is it also possible to pick up the signal post-vol and hardwire that to the single outs?

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            Yes it’s possible of course but needs a more complex invasion.
            The simplest solution – just to pick up the signal from the middle pin of the VOL pot.
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              I just wanted to share what I’ve done that is along the same lines. I just put alligator clips on the ends of some 1/4in cables for the output pins:


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                I know it isn’t internal but wanted to share another option. You can also make 1/4in to alligator cables and just leave them connected to the output pins. The slightly larger cables lay down nicely in-between the pins and don’t really obstruct anything.


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                  interesting! thats a good idea, thanks for sharing

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