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    Good to see that we have a forum here to chat about The Awesome Pipe

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    The Pipe is the best! How long have you had it and are you enjoying it?

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    Hi Lord B…yeah I love it. I have had it over a year now. Due to pressures of other (vocalist) work I had to leave it for a while, but I am just getting back into the groove. I remember discussing with you on Facebook about the best way to go off grid with a Pipe…I still haven’t managed to get a portable power source sorted out, but it’s not really essential…mainly I need the sun to come out and to just take the time to get pipey!

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    hmm yeah I really need to work out how to get an email alert when someone replies…but when I click on my profile it’s in Russian even after I click on the English icon.

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    Email Alerts would be great! I totally forgot about the forum posts lol.

    Cool! I am glad we have chatted about it before. I have had it since March/April of 2017 and I still love it. Why would other vocalists pressure you into not using it? Poo poo on them, they do not understand. Have you gotten a chance to view the Pipe Bible that I made? It is next to the Pipe Manuel if you haven’t.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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