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      Hello all,

      My issue:
      the kick drum mid-high frequencies always sound phased – like its playing two sounds. I understand its not digital and so I wont get the exact same kick every trigger every time, but if I do a standard 4/4 dance kick rhythm the top end sounds like its phasing (low/sub frequency end sounds OK to my ears) meaning I simply can’t use it to record a kick as it is.

      Heres how it sounds (recorded in mono – although it sounds the same in stereo)..

      Anybody else getting this issue?

      My setup:
      As standard Ive been using a mono jack cable output to a mono jack input on my Tascam 4×4 (set to mono input using the software settings panel). I know this hard pans to one side.

      Setup configurations:
      I tried changing the settings on the Tascam 4×4 (either Stereo or Mono input)

      Ive tried using a stereo split cable (1x stereo to 2 x mono)

      Ive routed the kick’s out to all of the other outputs and done the same checks there.

      And obviously Ive swapped the lead to check…

      No Ive hit a brickwall about what to do 🙁

      So again, is anybody else encountering this? I dont want to have to sell this amazing beast, just because of this unintentional phasing sound (which, to me, renders the kick un-usable for my purposes)

      Help. And thanks 🙂

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        Hi, it sounds like what happens when an internal mixer loop back happens , possibly 2 channels sending in your sound-card, some plugin activated or when the input monitor is on while recording creating this flam effect. By process of elimination, can you please plug straight into your speakers, does this still happen ? What about headphones ? if not the issue is in your digital chain.  hope that helps and if it doesn’t please write us at [email protected] and well investigate further to quickly resolve.

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          So I tried what you suggested but to no resolve: BD channel was still sounding ‘phased’ (duplicated)

          I connected a cable, which was a stereo jack (1/8″) to a mono left/red & right/white coaxial, firstly coming out of the headphones output and into the L/R speakers, and while both left and right speakers played the BD channel, it was still sounding phased.

          I then connected the same lead to the standard Output jack, but adding a 1/4″ adaptor , and while one speaker played the other speaker did not, the BD channel was still phasing.

          Anything else I can try?


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            ok, please write us at [email protected] and we’ll solve it, thanks

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              Nothing is wrong, I have same behaviour. It is because the oscillators of each voice don’t restart on every trigger. Its fine for clap and hihat, bass and kick, especially kick…is a bit annoying because it triggers on whatever phase position is the oscilator at the moment of trigger. I wished there was hard sync switch for each voice if you need more precise groove.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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