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      Hi, I wanted to build 3D-printed knobs on top of the sensors. Ideally they should control the amount of voltage/signal being processed. Is that possible at all or am I mistaking the principle of those sensors?

      The reason for doing this,  is that I would just love to control the amplitude of each voice with a knob. Would be an amazing alternate way of playing the Lyra 8 by just controlling 8 amplitudes that are droning constantly.

      Thanks so much 🙏

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        Unfortunately, it will not function the way you envisioned it. However, the Soma Ornament 8 sequencer does exactly what you ask for here, and much more. It controls (with 8 knobs) when and for how long the sensors are triggered, and so on, and frees up your hands for doing other things. The adapter connecting Ornament to Lyra also has sensors, so you can play your own notes anytime on top of the sequence running from the Ornament. It’s a lot of fun and adds another dimension to it.

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          Thanks for the reply! I will start saving up then 🙂

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            So I checked out the Ornament 8. It is a really cool instrument but I don’t think it does what I need. I would like to have all 8 voices running endlessly and then have a amplitude knob for each voice to regulate the different voices within one big massive drone.

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              Hello Herwig,

              the way I understand the concept, those sensors do not only control the intensity of the voice played, but also trigger an envelope each time you make contact.

              So what you are asking for would mean to separate these two essential elements.

              But to a certain degree you can still control the intensity of each voice-pair with the „SHARP“ knob. And of course arrange voices with the „FAST“ knob and using coins…

              Otherwise, I think your wish to control the 8 amplitudes individually reaches a boundary of LYRA that asks for alternative ways of approaching the instrument‘s sound design.


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                Triggering the voices individually/as desired using a smooth(er) CV signal rather than a square wave pulse will essentially give you what you’re after. You could get this control with just the ornament adapter for the lyra, then use what you currently have to trigger the voices. Euro perhaps?…not sure what you have. You’ll need to make some 3.5mm to alligator cables or something similar if you go that route also.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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