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      So, I have my QO now for quite a while and enjoy working with it.

      But I‘d like to know, what your experience concerning the layers and parts is.

      In the QO-Book it says: Try also to see and feel them. Some are hot, some cold etc.

      Maybe my personal experience with noises from the outside (real world) is too strong, but I always find myself at the base of a mighty tropical waterfall that feeds into a wide and shallow pond.

      I actually stand ‚behind‘ the veil of the downpour. I see the water sloshing, crashing into and streaming out of the pool. The brown and mossy stones at the bottom are stirred by the strong current and rumble softly against each other (my favorite noise). There are also strange noises of insects whirring by and dried leaves crackling under the feet of unseen creatures…

      That‘s my practice number 2. And I always end up in this same environment. Can‘t help it. Would like to ‚see‘ something „grander“, vaster.

      I talked to a Shaman about it and she said something in the context „you see, what you see and this is meant for you. Maybe it changes in time…“.

      I always hoped the QO-space to be more abstract for me, more ethereal.

      So, what about you?

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        your description is very similar to what I’ve seen on my last festival while being on LSD in my, from sunlight abandoned, tent while lying on the floor, feeling the energy of  my environment.

        I am waiting for my QO to arrive 🙂


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          Winglad, I’m very late discovering QO but this is exactly what I see. I’m inside the waterfall, standing on a rock slab, surrounded by the curtain of the falls with swirling mist billowing up. Like being at Niagara Falls. Magnificent imagery. The secret is, it’s not just “white noise.” It’s several noise patterns including pink, blue and gray (Wikipedia). The deep bass tones, mid tones and high tones overlaid, give the sounds a deep richness approximating a natural fractal noise tapestry. Bliss

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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