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      Hi this is kinda a newbie question I know

      But my fingers don’t have the same conductivity than cables, is that normal? Like I cannot seriously use clock 8 to create breaks or sound since the sound is just .. meh

      In the demo I watched I didn’t pay attention if that was really the case


      Ttyty (sorry for my English I hope I’m clear )








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        This is normal behavior when using cables vs your fingers to patch points together. One of the benefits of using your fingers to patch certain things (for example the LFO to a channel’s pitch) is the ability to vary the intensity of the signal by using more or less of your finger(s). The signal is running over your skin…try varying amounts of contact with the pins. Use two fingers for each pin, try gripping it tightly vs loosely etc.

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          Hi !


          Ooooh ok that’s really great ! It helps me a lot ! I can use this to my advantage for more expressivity ! Thank you for taking the time ! 🤍🐕

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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