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    Kevin Olson

      Could anyone kindly share an estimate of the cost to source and build the Lyra-8 DIY kit (without the Soma supplied parts or case). Specifically, I am looking for USA prices, but anything would help.   I would appreciate it very much!



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        Hi Kevin,

        It really depends on from whom you purchase parts ( or others suppliers) and what you desire for your final build to be. It could be on the cheaper side or an expensive side , like a hot rod style case :).. I’ve heard through the grapevine, that for a few folks, the total came out to be somewhere around 300-500 USD excluding the kit.



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          After my build is almost finished:

          (living in Germany) I’ve spend about 75€ for electronic parts (resistors, caps, ics…), wires, standoffs included (reichelt + 3-4 parts from ebay)

          30€ for pots and switches (tayda)

          and about 25€ for some nice bakelite knobs (musikding).

          If you are able to make the case/panel on your own, and have a psu lying around somwhere you can build a Lyra8 for 250€ (~300$) including the kit.

          hope that helps

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            thanks for sharing your experience with building the LYRA-8 DIY.
            As I live in Germany as well, I would be very much interested, if you could provide the BOM of the parts you used, that proved working, given that it’s no big deal for you time and effort wise.



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              Hello Michael/Marvin

              id also be especially interested in the component sourcing from the German side… I figure that the mouser list that is a “one click pony” is harshly expensive, or am I wrong there ?
              It feels like a very smooth way to order, but comes around price wise  at about 150€ without pots / jacks / ics / knobs…

              it would be very great to see your ordering lists ! that could help tremendously !

              if you are interested in sharing them : [email protected] would be my mail.

              Thanks a lot !

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