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      Hi, everyone and thanks for any replies. I am a new user of Lyra8, which I bought used.
      I arrived very recently, but I seem to understand that there is a problem, at least I give myself this impression: I try to explain.

      I tried the oscillators with everything set to zero (delay, drive, zero modulation, etc) and everything seems to work, but when I play voices 7 and 8 it seems like voices 5 and 6 are “in the background”.

      And if I change the pitch of Voices 5 and 6 * without * playing them while playing 7 and 8, it changes the pitch of the Voices in the background …

      Is this normal behavior? It does not seem to me but I await your answers.

      Thanks, Mario

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        There is a small amount of constant cross-modulation going on between the voices in the Lyra at all times, especially with the voices closest to each other. This is especially true (and audible) when using the voices in higher pitch ranges.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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