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      my question basically:

      Can the 0-Ctrl (MakeNoise) companion the Ornament-Adapter good enough,

      the 0-Ctrl can control Lyra over the Ornament-Adapter?



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        Lyra’s voices cannot be controlled via control voltage. The only way to somewhat integrate Lyra with eurorack and semimodular synths and sequencers is through the Ornament and the adapter. The adapter itself does not convert anything, it’s just connections. The Ornament can be synched to your 0-control and also be triggered by it. Ornament accepts CV and pulse triggers, Lyra does not. Only Ornament can trigger Lyra.

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          Hi Thomas

          I’m aware of the non-controlability per 1v/oct. or whatsoever.

          What I wanted to know:

          If the 0-Ctrl with its 8 pads might connect successfully up with the Ornament-Adapter –

          and the 0-Ctrl would be a working substitute for the Ornament?



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            No, the 0 control is not a working substitute. You would not be happy with the results.

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              You might as well connect the 0-control directly to Lyra, it will yield the same result as connecting it to the adapter, i.e. no result:)

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                Alright, thanks for answering.

                Just for clearing my Head on this:

                What type of Signal does the Ornament send the Ornament-Adapter/Lyra?

                Is it Gate-type of pings? Or am I wrong all the way…


                Thanks again, Tom

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                  Wrong all the way Tom 🙂 It’s forgivable since Lyra has a unique design.

                  The best way to describe it is that Ornament simulates your finger closing the circuit of a Lyra voice, by sending a unique and very weak electrical signal which is nothing like CV/Gate. No other sequencer is capable of creating and sending this type of signal.

                  Lyra was built to be played, not sequenced, that’s basically the logic behind its design.

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                      I really don’t like to see a thread end with complete misinformation, in case someone else finds it later.

                      Lyra-8 voices are not triggered by ‘a unique and very weak electrical signal’, but something exactly like an S-trigger – shorting the upper contact to the lower (ground) contact. Otherwise the common trick of placing a coin on a contact pair wouldn’t work. A simple converter circuit of a couple of resistors and an NPN bipolar transistor would allow you to trigger a Lyra voice with a conventional gate signal from a Eurorack synth.

                      An interesting feature of the Lyra inputs is that they’re analogue and allow control of the volume of the voice (with a dry fingertip). The impedance of the input is very high, but a resistance in the approximate range 4M – 10M goes from full volume to silence on my Lyra. This may be achievable under external control using a vactrol (with an extremely low drive current) connected across the Lyra contacts.

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                      Kim Jones

                        Well, thanks for your answer. Sounds clear to me. Hoping to find a tutorial soon on how to clone the built.



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