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    Don Priola

      Quick question: I believe in the manual it said it is possible to sequence the Pulsar with midi, and still record using the looper recorder at the same time. It seems like that’s not possible, however; I easily sequenced the Pulsar 23 with my Digitakt, but could use the looper recorder. Am I missing something? I’ve never been very good with Midi, so I’d appreciate the help. Thank you!!! Don

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        You can’t record the MIDI sequence into the looper-recorder but you can use the looper-recorder while sequencing the pulsar via MIDI. Only “manually played” steps will be recorded.

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        Don Priola

          I understand that, thank you, but my point of confusion is thus: I have sequenced the Pulsar via the Digitakt. But I also want to manually play the looper recorder for some manually feel, and it won’t record. Am I missing a setting? It seems like if you set the Pulsar to be midi sequenced, it cancels out the looper recorder.


          Again, I appreciate your first answer.

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            Its possible you need to lower the velocity of incoming MIDI notes/triggers sent to the pulsar, the velocity may be too high to notice/hear what you’re playing in manually.

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              Are you sure you’re sending MIDI clock to the Pulsar? The clock module should be in MIDI mode, and blinking green to indicate it’s receiving clock from your Digitakt.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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