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      This topic is where I will publicly journal my experiences with my QO.

      Yeah received the device this afternoon and was eagerly anticipating it.

      I went to my bedroom to meditate this afternoon, and it was delivered during my meditation and received by my wife. My dog usually goes crazy, barking at the postman, but surprisingly he sat and meditated with me without any drama.

      I opened the box and if it was into a unboxing YouTube videos, I’d be sniffing the box etc. It was all lovingly wrapped, and I took care to put all the packaging stored in its box.

      The device needs a battery, so I walked across the road to the shop to get one and installed it, and sat mindfully at my kitchen table.

      I turn it on, plug a pair of HD25 headphones in, and wait for things to warm up.

      My first experience.

      I hear noise.

      Quite spatial noise, it has volume and depth to it.

      My mind starts technically trying to decipher it. Is it white noise? Pink noise? Is it tuned bands of noise?

      I then wonder about pulling the thing apart and trying to learn electronic schematics to uncover what’s actually going on in here.

      I then start touching the pads. Nothing. I can’t hear any difference. No immediate change of sound. I start trying finger combos. Hmm. Nothing. That’s cool tho.

      I feel like I can hear crowds or scenes camouflaged in this layer of noise though. It sounds like the pub across the road from me muffled through the wall on a Saturday night.

      I’ve given it my 5minutes of initial curiosity.

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        My second experience.

        I’ve had some dinner and I’ve gone and sat quietly in my living room with the QO book to re read the exercise.

        Imagining layers.

        I sit down, get ready headphones on, and this time switch on the device and wait for the sound to kick in.

        Yeah m starring at a plant pot.

        The noise enters. It’s the crowd sound again. I close my eyes and listen to the layers. Yeah can hear and feel sound, or at least some frequencies modulating between my ears. Some sounds start to phase and layer a little as I try touching the contact points.

        I don’t feel physically anything, but I hear whooshes, or imagine them. Like woooooooppppp weeeeeeeeesede!

        I wonder if some of the sounds and music I can hear in this wind are working like an old radio receiver. Some pirate radio drowned in static.

        I realise at this point I’m deep in another conscious state, not meditating but on a very relaxed state.

        I decided to take a moment and consider my mantra I use in meditation. Hmm, stop trying so hard, just relax and go with it.

        I try and think about a friend of mine overseas in Miami and start touching the contacts with her in mind to see if anything happens.

        Nothing. I try pushing harder and holding things down.


        I let go and relax.

        20seconds later I start to hear subtle warbling, high frequency modulation like underwater sounds from a hydrophone or sea animal, really high frequency.

        That will do for today.

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          Today I decide to try meditating and using QO at the same time. I sit in my music studio, in the corner on my sofa put on my headphones and switch on the device.

          As soon as the noise starts, the table lamp in the room turns off and my Push2 starts up and playing through the speakers in record arm mode all by itself.

          I’m freaked out, I haven’t touched my music gear since this morning. But this has happened before.

          A year or two ago on my grandmothers
          birthday, I thought about her and then my music gear started up all by itself.

          It would be nice if she’s trying to communicate somehow!

          Anyhow, the meditation is deeper today than normal. But it feels like there’s a bubble around me. It’s the sensation of travelling to the bottom of the ocean in a glass tank or submarine. I’m not wet. Or alternatively the weird experience of sitting safe in a car during one of those automated car washes.


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            The last couple of days have been topsy turvy. There is a global Coronavirus pandemic. Life as normal is very different. As I try and take moments to pinch myself that this is not a dream, so much media information and panic is coming into my consciousness. But my interactions in real life seem full of authenticity and compassion. Life and our relationship to each other can be seen in its delicate structure.
            The exercises have moved beyond listening exercises with the device and listening to the things around me.

            I am excited though to continue to explore the QO.

            SOMA team, I hope you are all safe and well. I send you love from Bristol, UK.

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              I have been experimenting with using low volume levels whilst meditating. It is quite interesting to let the noise mentally disappear.

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              Vlad Kreimer

                Thank you very much for such detailed reports!
                With big interest, I follow the progress of your experience!
                If you will have any questions – I’m here.

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                  with the warmer weather, I have opened my windows. When using the QO, house flies, appear to like sitting on my finger tips when using the contact pads.

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                    Last night I had a strange experience. I woke up at 3am to a loud humming coming through the bedroom window. It sounded like a diesel generator that you might hear at a fairground, or a very loud air conditioning unit. very loud and low frequency. I live in Bristol, and read on a local Facebook group for our area that people were hearing a mysterious hum in the middle of the night. I wondered if I was experiencing the same thing. Because of the coronavirus lockdown in the UK, there is very little traffic and noise pollution so I decided to grab my field recorder and do some recordings of it. I’ve uploaded the sound here on YouTube together with a spectrogram.

                    I analysed the frequencies and have been rebuilding the drones on my Lyra8 today with the following frequencies:

                    24Hz G-1
                    35Hz C#-0
                    65Hz C-1
                    129Hz C-2
                    195Hz G-2
                    265Hz C-3
                    460Hz A# -4
                    529Hz C-4

                    Now this geographical hum is a very strange conspiracy already, there’s lots of articles online about it, and people debunking it as tinnitus or industrial machinery.

                    The thing is, I’ve acoustically captured it, and all the large and local manufacturing plants have closed and stopped working because of this virus, so what is causing this noise?

                    Earlier on the 4th April I tried to do a little experiment with my QO but I only just listened back to the recording today after recording these drones last night.

                    After meditating with QO, when I switch it off I get an aural illusion. A ringing in the ears of a set of tones. I tried singing and humming these tones into my recorder. Ok, I’m not a great singer and being able to hold a note that matches an imaginary one in my head, but you know what, I dropped the file into Ableton, and built a basic max set of oscillators based on last nights hum frequencies identified in the spectrogram, and it’s the same fucking frequencies.

                    what the fuck is going on?!

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                      hmm, not sure, but it’s not allowing me to add links in this forum, but search YouTube for Bristol hum and my name Karl Sadler and it should find the uploads

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                            After researching some of the science papers Vlad mentioned I followed a couple of links in the Wikipedia on torsion fields. Is it synchronicity that I learn about these experiments happening in a field next to where my parents live and where I grew up as a child?

                            Strange events

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                            Vlad Kreimer

                              I think synchronicity is one of the major explanations for torsion effects. Maybe it also fits to your experience with the parents’ place

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