Pulsar 23 midi timing.

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Home Forums Instruments PULSAR-23 The new PULSAR-23 Bass Drum module Pulsar 23 midi timing.

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      Hi I’m reading everything i find and as I understand it pulsar have a delay when connected to other gear.

      Please remember that the looper-recorder has a clock up-sampling process that needs a little time for setting. The first few dozens of milliseconds after MIDI clock start can be inaccurate. To avoid this, the timespan between stop and start on your DAW or sequencer that feeds MIDI-clock to Pulsar, has to be at least 5 seconds (then the up-sampling system stops to wait for the next clock pulse and saves the previous value that will be used after clock start).

      A second option is to use the LRST pin for alignment with the clock divider. When using MIDI-clock synchronization, we strongly recommend connecting the LRST pin to 0.25 out of the clock divider to ensure a perfect sync.


      LRST pin is a connect point right?

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        Yes, the LRST pin can be found top left on Pulsar, you can click on it here and read more about it:


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          Found it thanks!

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