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      So when the device works… it’s great. I appreciate the dream state it can create when getting to states of equanimity.


      It just cuts out. It’s like hitting a brick wall… and then it comes back on 10-20 seconds later. It stays for awhile and then… WHAM. It stops again. I’ve kinda given up and would love any suggestions. I’ve removed all electromagnetic radiation in the room as far as I can tell and it’s just sitting there on a table.

      I half fantasized that it’s the crystals on the same table exerting their influence and trying to communicate but seems unlikely.

      Would appreciate any help. For now this device is unusable.

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        Hello to the forum, i got my ocean since yesterday (snr. 700) and i have the same behavior, with my unit.

        After several minutes the sound gets lower and lower and then it breaks down, than few seconds silence and then, the noise cames back. The both led lights, give strong and bright light.

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          I have solved for me the problem, in my case it was the battery. i have used recharchable battery and after changing it with alkaline type, everything works fine. I love my device. i was sceptical, but now i hear voices and music and its recreational for my brain.

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            I recommend a lithium battery like the 9V Energizer Ultimate Lithium

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