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      I was curious about the factory sounds as in my units there were a lot of empty slots and presets repeated on higher slots. I had one of the first units and therefore I thought there are new factory sounds meanwhile. I decided to load the factory sounds and make a backup of the actual content before.

      I made a backup of all Terra presets incl. my own sounds. I made it on 2 different sticks and the LEDs showed me that it was ok. I could see the files named correctly. I loaded the “new” factory sounds to see that they were the same as they came with my Terra.

      I tried to restore the backup and the LEDs showed me that everything was ok. Unfortunately I tried it a few times and nothing was ok. I only have the factory sounds. I created my sounds from new.

      I don’t trust the saving and loading procedure anymore and now I write down my settings to use it as backup.

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        Soma support here. Could you please send the contents of your USB drives via email to [email protected]?

        Our engineer can then try to analyze what the issue could be.

        Thank you!

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          Let me guess. As per manual, Terra will load the first file matching the naming scheme, all other files being ignored.

          This is a nasty behavior if one wants to manage individual presets. To load 8 individual presets, you will need to rename the file you want to load on your computer 8 times. Rename preset file, unmount USB drive, unplug stick, plug into Terra, boot into USB mode, load preset, switch off Terra, unplug USB stick, plug into computer, rename next preset file, etc.

          The only sane solution is to save the global preset file which includes all the presets, including the factory ones. Unfortunate if you want to overwrite them.

          I would volunteer to create a new open source Terra preset management app with a much better usability that would run on desktop computers, but SOMA would need to reveal one piece of information about the firmware for that that is not publicly available.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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