setting up LPR to run with a DAW

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      i’ve been trying for a little while now to get Looper to run with my DAW ( i use logic) and can’t figure it out. My midi connection goes to a Unitor8 and i use Arturia Keystep as my midi controller.

      Also i’m considering using Pulsar23 live with a Moog Subharmonicon and i can’t seem to be able to clock those 2 either!

      Can you advise?

      Thank you

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        Hi There,

        Thanks for your question, yet it’s a very “broad studio setup” question 🙂 Can you please tell how do you have the Pulsar 23 setup now, what’s patched to what that you are not getting it to play along? If you need help setting it up properly to receive midi/clock may i suggest reading the manual first, it has many suggestions for different use cases that you will find helpful. Unfortunately we cannot give you recommendations on other manufacturer modes of operation, please refer to their reference literature or you can contact their support channels.



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          As a few suggestions to keep in mind with regards to logic:


          Make sure Project  Settings -> Synchronization is set up to your Arturia Controller, Clock, PDC, MTC, and MMC.


          And as the team has pointed out (I do not have the modules you mentioned yet, unfortunately, but do have a few modules, and a minibrute2) make sure your daisy chain is set up, and you are following suggested signal flow in the manuals and you should be set!


          Oh another area to make sure is set up to receive midi control values is in your preferences -> Midi – Reset Messages. Tick boxes where appropriate to your needs. Hope this helps, best of.



        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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