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      Hi there fellow QO users. I’m on my forth day as a QO-surfer and I’m just scratching the surface. I’m planning to take the stepto try the second practice today, until now I’ve just focused on practice one. But man I’ve experience some wonderful strange stuff while doing so.
      First thing of interest was when I let my youngest borrow the QO. He was crying his heart out, because he had heard about the Corona virus and was now very afraid. My partner and I tried to calm him down, but we weren’t able to. So I gave him the QO and he imediately stopped crying. It was time for bed so I tucked him in, still wearing the headphones, and five minutes later. He was sound asleep, with a smile on his face.
      My own experience with the QO has also been thrilling. Yesterday I had the most amazing experience, and I Wonder if any of you have had a similar experience.
      I was focusing on (what I think of as the third layer) when all of a sudden I had this weird «tingeling» sensation on my skin/hairs all over my body. Felt somewhat like energy/electricity was pulling tiny pieces of skin/hair in an upwards (not painful) Motion. It was just a wonderful feeling. Anyone else had the same experience ?

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        Hi trojer,

        That’s really funny about your kid. Maybe you just found a new market for QO as child sleep aid.

        I am also just a novice QO user. I have experienced some of the physical experiences you describe. I can get tingles or almost bassy vibrations that will start in my legs and move their way up. I guess it’s a synesthesia experience, feeling the sound somehow.

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          Cool Philemon! Nice to hear that others jas experienced this too:-)
          Looking forward for further experiences, and of course feedback from other users 🙂

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          Vlad Kreimer

            Trojer, in ancient teachings, «tingeling» sensation usually means the lifting of energy and is a good sign that you don’t waste your time for nothing and have a real inner process. So seems to be you have a good connection with the practice!:)

            Thank you for sharing your experience 🙂

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              That is good news indeed! Looking forward to dive even deeper into the QO this evening.
              Even more motivated now😊

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                had the same experience of “tingeling” after the third “surf”. my only hesitation is volume. not sure, which loudness I should choose. such a huge range, which leads to different listening. wonderfull experience anyway. thanks Vlad!

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                Vlad Kreimer

                  On my experience, the best volume is that allows you to be involved in the current practice as much as possible. I expect it’s very individual.

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                    Hey everyone! 1st post here.

                    I received my QO a couple days ago and I just finished my 3rd surf with it.

                    I’ve made attempts at meditation many times before and gained serious momentum with my last attempt but eventually it fell through.. I have an attention deficit disorder and often have a hard time letting go of my wandering mind and finding true focus in the present.

                    That’s where the QO comes in for me. I find so much comfort in the vast layers of sound. To me, the noise provides just enough of a focal point to quiet my endless wandering thoughts and enough space for me to truly take things one thought at a time. The feeling of peace is immense.

                    I also have tinnitus which has affected my ability to find comfort in silence as many meditation practices seem to require.. once again the QO takes all the attention off the constant ringing in my ears and gives me a space to breathe.

                    I felt tingling on this most recent surf trip as well! It was a very nice sensation haha

                    I’m very excited to continue my experiments with the QO and thank you Vlad. This is just the device I never knew I needed until now..

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                      In the morning I prefer a lower volume on QO, but in the afternoon or evening a really loud QO helps to drown out the “noise” of the day and calm my mind. It is soothing despite the loud volume, and helps in reestablishing a connection again with my inner world.

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                      Vlad Kreimer

                        Milolovecraft, actually according to my experience quite a lot of people can’t make a practice in full static. So the right dynamic structure that doesn’t distract but help to focus on the inner space can be very useful even if your attention can be focused strong. I’m glad the QO helped you with your practice!

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                          when I just read about your kid falling asleep with a smile on his face, I had to smile myself, because the same thing happened to me yesterday and I am a little older…

                          It was my first session of exploring the QO and I was deeply immersed in finding layers and sound structures according to paractice no.1. And it also worked quite well which was very satisfactory! But then, as I discovererd a very very deep sonorous layer and suddenly thought I heard a sound which somehow resembled a cat‘s meow,

                          I must have fallen into the deepest and most refreshing slumbers.  When I awoke, I felt a little embarrassed for this was not the effect, I had planned to experience…

                          But what do we know? Maybe that was exactly what me and my body and mind needed. Why make up rules of expected outcome? Let the journey be, what it is…


                          Greetings to all fellow travellers!

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