Using higher sensitivity of gyroscope (“X”) in your Lap

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      I cannot help to comment on gyroscope function on Terra. Vlad & Co forces me to hold perfect level if using Terra in/on my lap.

      Ppl, please confirm that any sensitivity higher than 3 on gyro forces me to keep the Terra still , and I mean very still in my lap.  Otherwise slight movement of my palm sitting on the Terra can detune by more than 20 Cents. 20 cents detune is way noticeable on any other instrument. Try to play violin  or guitar if a string is off by 20 cents.

      I don’t want to mention other expressive controllers;  Medusa, Osmose and Linnstrument have all an option  for relative pitch mode (no gyroscope but all are trying to solve the tuning issue with an expressive controller). If Terra had an option for relative “X” Gyroscope it would ignore slow movements and or introduce some hysteresis/exponential/log  curve solving the lap non stationary  playing issue.

      While finding time to add relative/improved “X” sensitivity  to the future release of firmware please add sensitivity setting for “Y” for delay modulation. While tapping tempo for delay the triangle could be used to adjust “Y” sensitivity. I really don’t notice the “Y” delay modulation in many, many cases. Imagine how great it would be if you can somehow turn this for Reverb (not all the delay lines just some) we could have an instant strymon modulation on reverb side.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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