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    Please email [email protected] to order.

    Installing it is very simple. First remove the 8 screws on the back side of your Pulsar, gently lift up the back plate and find the BD module. There are four latches you release by squeezing them with tweezers, then you can remove the BD module.

    Install the new BD board carefully pressing the opposite edges equally.
    The BD oscillator restart switch is in the left bottom corner.
    In the up position, marked as STAB, the BD oscillator will restart on each BD trigger.
    In the down position, the BD works in the original Pulsar mode.
    To make the restart function works stable, ATT knob must be in the minimum or very close to it.
    REL must be short enough to decay before the next triggering.
    Triggering velocity must be close to the maximum.
    In some settings stability may also depends on TUNE knob position.


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