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    Hi Steve and Antuum,

    That’s a strange behavior. Bass module should not play notes from other Midi channels when set to its own channel. What serial number is your Pulsar?

    It might be some bug in the software but we didn’t came across similar issue before. My guess is Midi channels are merged in some matter. Question is, is it happening before or in the Pulsar? I don’t know exact specs of sequencers you mentioned but maybe there are Midi channel “filtering” settings of some sort which causes the issue.

    Nonetheless there is simple workaround you can try. Bass module in Midi mode has playable range starting from C1 (Midi note 24). You can assign other modules below that range. In that way you’ll have control of all the modules on a single channel and Bass wont be affected by other Midi notes.

    For further support, please send an email to Soma support at [email protected]

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