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    I really don’t like to see a thread end with complete misinformation, in case someone else finds it later.

    Lyra-8 voices are not triggered by ‘a unique and very weak electrical signal’, but something exactly like an S-trigger – shorting the upper contact to the lower (ground) contact. Otherwise the common trick of placing a coin on a contact pair wouldn’t work. A simple converter circuit of a couple of resistors and an NPN bipolar transistor would allow you to trigger a Lyra voice with a conventional gate signal from a Eurorack synth.

    An interesting feature of the Lyra inputs is that they’re analogue and allow control of the volume of the voice (with a dry fingertip). The impedance of the input is very high, but a resistance in the approximate range 4M – 10M goes from full volume to silence on my Lyra. This may be achievable under external control using a vactrol (with an extremely low drive current) connected across the Lyra contacts.

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