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    Apologies for the delay, I had originally made this post in late September of ’23 but apparently it got stuck in moderation for a bit, hehe.

    The wiring is pretty straightforward; basically just wired up the batteries as dictated by the BMS board vendor instructions and then hooked up the the positive terminal to Terra’s power jack’s tip and the negative terminal to the sleeve. Since it was my first time battery-packing a device and I didn’t wanna fry anything, I took some extra time measuring everything to make sure I got the connection points right. I guess the safest way would have been to dig up the specifications for the exact part used in Terra but it seems like it worked out in the end, hehe.

    I secured the battery holders and the BMS to the bottom plate with some rather strong and thick double sided adhesive tape that I have a lot of faith in; I had previously used the same stuff to secure a wooden countertop to a cupboard and had enormous trouble getting that one off again when moving, so those aren’t going anywhere any time soon. As you can see by the pencil markings, I did map out where everything has to go as to not hit any other internals. Might still have a picture of the markings before I taped everything together.

    Either way, nothing has failed me yet and I’m still very much enjoying this mod! As soon as my next batch of batteries arrives, I’ll be sure to do the same to my Octatrack.



    I had made some calculations before posting this project on Modwiggler but it turned out I’m a nonce when it comes to maths; my best guess is something in the range of 6-10 hours. Haven’t done any scientific testing on it, hehe.

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