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    “For example, when you know you are going to switch algorithm, turn the MIX knob all the way to the left first. Then change algorithm. Then slowly move the MIX knob to the right again, introducing the new algorithm into the sound.” Hi, thats not a good solution as it removes the looped material form the outputs  not seamless flow in performance ! I think the suggestion from funktree is perfect  – that is “I would welcome an upgrade to a  firmware where somehow the “peaks” of recorded material are “monitored” and when switching to different algorithms  the line’s with higher volume would get “a transition” with an internal gain control that gradually catch up with previously recorded material” and ”

    So if changing algos while performing is “a feature” then soma team should do something about it. I understand it is “cosmos” so unpredictable is part of the game but the drastic volume jumps don’t go with “cosmos” paradigm.

    I would suggest gradually switch lines from one algo to another. I believe right now all 4 or whatever lines are switched at the same time” is the right approach. SOMA can this be done ?

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