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    My second experience.

    I’ve had some dinner and I’ve gone and sat quietly in my living room with the QO book to re read the exercise.

    Imagining layers.

    I sit down, get ready headphones on, and this time switch on the device and wait for the sound to kick in.

    Yeah m starring at a plant pot.

    The noise enters. It’s the crowd sound again. I close my eyes and listen to the layers. Yeah can hear and feel sound, or at least some frequencies modulating between my ears. Some sounds start to phase and layer a little as I try touching the contact points.

    I don’t feel physically anything, but I hear whooshes, or imagine them. Like woooooooppppp weeeeeeeeesede!

    I wonder if some of the sounds and music I can hear in this wind are working like an old radio receiver. Some pirate radio drowned in static.

    I realise at this point I’m deep in another conscious state, not meditating but on a very relaxed state.

    I decided to take a moment and consider my mantra I use in meditation. Hmm, stop trying so hard, just relax and go with it.

    I try and think about a friend of mine overseas in Miami and start touching the contacts with her in mind to see if anything happens.

    Nothing. I try pushing harder and holding things down.


    I let go and relax.

    20seconds later I start to hear subtle warbling, high frequency modulation like underwater sounds from a hydrophone or sea animal, really high frequency.

    That will do for today.

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