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    Hey everyone! 1st post here.

    I received my QO a couple days ago and I just finished my 3rd surf with it.

    I’ve made attempts at meditation many times before and gained serious momentum with my last attempt but eventually it fell through.. I have an attention deficit disorder and often have a hard time letting go of my wandering mind and finding true focus in the present.

    That’s where the QO comes in for me. I find so much comfort in the vast layers of sound. To me, the noise provides just enough of a focal point to quiet my endless wandering thoughts and enough space for me to truly take things one thought at a time. The feeling of peace is immense.

    I also have tinnitus which has affected my ability to find comfort in silence as many meditation practices seem to require.. once again the QO takes all the attention off the constant ringing in my ears and gives me a space to breathe.

    I felt tingling on this most recent surf trip as well! It was a very nice sensation haha

    I’m very excited to continue my experiments with the QO and thank you Vlad. This is just the device I never knew I needed until now..

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