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    Last night I had a strange experience. I woke up at 3am to a loud humming coming through the bedroom window. It sounded like a diesel generator that you might hear at a fairground, or a very loud air conditioning unit. very loud and low frequency. I live in Bristol, and read on a local Facebook group for our area that people were hearing a mysterious hum in the middle of the night. I wondered if I was experiencing the same thing. Because of the coronavirus lockdown in the UK, there is very little traffic and noise pollution so I decided to grab my field recorder and do some recordings of it. I’ve uploaded the sound here on YouTube together with a spectrogram.

    I analysed the frequencies and have been rebuilding the drones on my Lyra8 today with the following frequencies:

    24Hz G-1
    35Hz C#-0
    65Hz C-1
    129Hz C-2
    195Hz G-2
    265Hz C-3
    460Hz A# -4
    529Hz C-4

    Now this geographical hum is a very strange conspiracy already, there’s lots of articles online about it, and people debunking it as tinnitus or industrial machinery.

    The thing is, I’ve acoustically captured it, and all the large and local manufacturing plants have closed and stopped working because of this virus, so what is causing this noise?

    Earlier on the 4th April I tried to do a little experiment with my QO but I only just listened back to the recording today after recording these drones last night.

    After meditating with QO, when I switch it off I get an aural illusion. A ringing in the ears of a set of tones. I tried singing and humming these tones into my recorder. Ok, I’m not a great singer and being able to hold a note that matches an imaginary one in my head, but you know what, I dropped the file into Ableton, and built a basic max set of oscillators based on last nights hum frequencies identified in the spectrogram, and it’s the same fucking frequencies.

    what the fuck is going on?!

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