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    when I just read about your kid falling asleep with a smile on his face, I had to smile myself, because the same thing happened to me yesterday and I am a little older…

    It was my first session of exploring the QO and I was deeply immersed in finding layers and sound structures according to paractice no.1. And it also worked quite well which was very satisfactory! But then, as I discovererd a very very deep sonorous layer and suddenly thought I heard a sound which somehow resembled a cat‘s meow,

    I must have fallen into the deepest and most refreshing slumbers.  When I awoke, I felt a little embarrassed for this was not the effect, I had planned to experience…

    But what do we know? Maybe that was exactly what me and my body and mind needed. Why make up rules of expected outcome? Let the journey be, what it is…


    Greetings to all fellow travellers!

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