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    I can not give general advise but I can share what I tried so far. First I used a wooden bass bow. It worked but I had to be really cautious because of noisy sounds – it is just too bulky and heavy. As the DVINA has no carved resonance body I figured a carbon bow should not deprive her of any acoustic timbre. I talked to some violinists and they recommended a cheap carbon bow. So I got a carbon bow for violin – Höfner AS36V – for around 150€. I am happy with the results so far.

    I practice to hold it like a cello player would do but sometimes I think I should rather use the hold of a kemenche player. For the latter a violin bow seems too thin to get your fingers in the spacing between hair and bow. For the cello position of my hand it seems exhausting as I do not rest the weight of the bow on my DVINA. So I am still practicing and experimenting. But I like the sound (and price) of the carbon bow.

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