Complete Lyra-8 DIY project.

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Home Forums Instruments LYRA-8 DIY Complete Lyra-8 DIY project.

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      Starting with the PCB’s from kit i made this Lyra.
      I tried use as mutch natural materials in this project as poosible to emphasize organismic nature of the synth.
      Knobs are made on a small lathe from different types of wood – oak, teak, ash. Body are made from oak with walnut inserts.
      Contact pads with flower pattern are made from brass just like some details of the knobs and purchased fasteners.
      I did not want to print labels on fron panel, so i tried code function of the knob in it shape.

      I’m glad that my vision of Lyra now can be a part of Soma community!

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        wow that’s beautiful

        can you elaborate on how you made the front panel?

        cheers -nika

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          Front panel was made simply from laser cut transparent arcylic plates (i still have pdf file with panels for cutting, in case you need). And i slightly matted those pannels by fine frid sand paper.

          Knobs from differnet wood types and contact plates from brass was made on small benchtop lathe.

          Wooden case i made to fit to acrylic pannels. I’ve use oak with walnut inserts at corners, more for style, than strenght.

          Here area some photos from process of making the external parts of Lyra

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            Hey! Can you send the pdfs? I’m doing it in acrylic too and I’m having a hard time converting the images provided by soma. My email is [email protected]

            Thank you!

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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