Complete Lyra-8 DIY project.

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Home Forums Instruments LYRA-8 DIY Complete Lyra-8 DIY project.

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    Starting with the PCB’s from kit i made this Lyra.
    I tried use as mutch natural materials in this project as poosible to emphasize organismic nature of the synth.
    Knobs are made on a small lathe from different types of wood – oak, teak, ash. Body are made from oak with walnut inserts.
    Contact pads with flower pattern are made from brass just like some details of the knobs and purchased fasteners.
    I did not want to print labels on fron panel, so i tried code function of the knob in it shape.

    I’m glad that my vision of Lyra now can be a part of Soma community!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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